Do Trump supporters even know how the Presidency works?

A few questions:

“I will build a wall”, how is that possible if Congress does not appropriate money for said wall?

“Free college for everyone”, again, where does the money come from?

“Raise taxes to 90%, only Congress can raise taxes.

“Deport all illegals”, only Congress can change existing law to make deportation possible.


That’s enough—I think you know where I am going with this. The campaign rhetoric both parties use and has everyone fired up is pure BS. The candidates know it, and more importantly, Congress knows it.


But Trump has a large percentage of voters!


Trump is a creation of the MSM and they will keep him in the spotlight as long as his BS brings them an audience. The MSM has been in an Obama desert for the last eight years, afraid of being called raciest. Because of Obama, the MSM has lost readership (Times) and viewers (MSNBC) but ratings gold is at hand and the more outrageous Trump is, the better the ratings. The MSM would love to see Trump in the White House, criticizing him for four years might even save a few media careers.

But Trump is an “outsider”!

(Really? So we need someone that knows nothing about government?)


Besides never having governed, Trump is also viewed as an “outsider”—just the thing we need to take the Presidency—shake things up don’t you know.

The nation twice elected Obama, an empty suit if there ever was one, and now seems to want to double down on the “outsider” routine; Congress is salivating at a Trump Presidency. By the time Trump figures out what is going on, Congress will have accomplished its goals by allowing Trump to appear as if he were making “great deals” with them.

Tear is down and start over!

(Good catch phrase but if history shows us anything, it is that you end up with 1/3 of your population dead)


A few questions:


If you get cancer, do you go to the dentist?

If the power goes off in your neighborhood, do you call a carpet cleaning service?

If you need to paint the living room, do you start by burning the house down?

I would hope the answer is no, but many think the only way to fix our government is to turn it over to someone that knows nothing about governing, a complete “outsider” that will throw the bums out! —-wow!

Do you really want a President with the power to “throw the bums out”—it’s called a dictatorship.


The truth of it:

The Democrats have been “fundamentally transforming America” for a century by electing hardnosed politicians into Congress while the GOP keeps looking for a President that will save us all. We keep dreaming and hoping for another Reagan and never seem to realize that Congress is where the power has always been.


The GOP must do two things:

Put people in Congress that realize safeguarding America is a long term proposition.

Keep in mind GOP, Presidents are temporary, most members of Congress are in it for life and if it takes a Senator 20 years to get a bill enacted, it is still done.

If the GOP is to survive this election cycle, and get the Republicans in Congress out of the doldrums, it needs a tough, no nonsense, constitutionalist as its nominee that knows the system and can play hardball with Congress to safeguard and advance this nation—the GOP needs Cruz.