My rant as to why Trump is ahead. Simple, Trump is MSM gold

I have been saying in my diaries, for several months, that Trump is a product of the MSM.  Many have commented telling me not to panic and that the American voter will wake up and put an end to the Trump campaign.  Now that Trump is gathering delegates, can people at least admit that nomination or not, he will be a power to be dealt with.


People voting for Trump are not stupid as some have posted, nor are they wanting to “watch the world burn”, they are simple uninterested.   There are people that dig deep into issues and candidate qualifications but the majority vote on name recognition.  Several of the people I know could not tell you anything Obama stood for but voted for him twice because they kept hearing how great he was.  Trump voters, and each vote carries the same weight as a true conservative Republican, are being subjected to a relentless Trump drumbeat.


Two examples are just from 2/11/16, The Factor had Trump on for 10 minutes.  Another  major “news” program wondered how Trump could have won NH when he spent less on advertising than the other candidates.  THEN, they brought Trump on and gave him eight minutes to explain his campaign strategy.  Well—-dah!  Bush spends 100 million, Trump is given 300 million in free press and airtime—who do you think is going to win?


The truth is the MSM would love to see a President Trump, Sanders, or Hillary.  The MSM has been languishing in the wastelands of the Obama Presidency for almost eight years, unable to criticize their favorite son and they have lost readers and viewers.   The MSM longs for the days of G.W. Bush when they could openly criticize the President and if they can help elect what they view as a dysfunctional president, why my good citizen, they are already salivating at the coming ratings and advertising gold.


What I believe will happen:

Trump will continue to be a power and we cannot contribute enough money to outweigh the free airtime and press that he gets by being outrageous.  Just look at the free press and airtime he got by saying Pxxxx, during a speech—at least a million worth.

We can not count on the rational voters to outnumber the zombie voters.  Too many of them and the drumbeat is relentless.

Trump, if he does not win the nomination, will go Independent.  His ego demands it and it will split BOTH tickets but it will hurt the Republicans the most.

It is too late for wishing, the time to stop Trump and restore our voters to the GOPs  conservative principles is long since past.

So, what to do?

Trump must be stopped at the convention, regardless of how many delegates he brings with him.  (I know this is against the “rules of fair play” but the GOP may lose its soul in the name of fair play if it gives the nomination to Trump.)

Should Trump go Independent, demand equal time from the MSM, may not work, but keep pointing out how the MSM is trying to influence the election.

And to those that keep thinking the majority of voters will wake up and vote for the candidate that is a true constitutionalist, time to face reality,  it won’t happen.

Here ends my rant.

(wish people would have listened months ago when many of us were sounding the alarm.  And yes, President Trump, Sanders, or Hillary will be a disaster and —-better stop now—BP building.)