Can someone explain the popularity of HRC and Sanders to me?

Old Spanish saying: “If you think the rich man has too much and want to take it away from him, half the village is behind you.  And they think YOU have too much.” 


My father taught me that saying and not to be jealous of what another had when I was just a boy.  We were very poor and made a living by working in the fields of West Texas.  One winter, due to illness that nearly killed my dad and mom, if not for the church, we would not have eaten.  The gas and power company even let our bills accumulate until spring when we could get back into the fields.  I don’t tell you this story so you will feel sorry for me.  The point is that while we were getting boxes of food from the church, someone was stealing the hoes we used to work with from dads workshop.  Therefore, the Spanish saying fits in all our lives, no matter how bad off you are, someone always thinks you have it better than they do. 


Sanders and Clinton, on the campaign trail, make promises that they will shower you with FREE stuff and will pay for it by taking from Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, and all the other Biggs.  They go on and on about income inequality, war on women, and endlessly point a finger at how “Life’s Lottery” has gifted some people while YOU are suffering.  This is what I infer.

Vote for me and we will take a road trip across the country, it will be great, full of happiness and joy, your life will be wonderful!  BUT first, let me take the engine out of the car and then we can start our journey. 

Don’t they realize that Big Whatever is the engine that drives this nation?  Don’t they realize we are a nation of 320+million and there is not enough money to give each of us the LIFESTYLE we think we deserve? 


The Sanders and HRC campaigns would be laughable if not for the fact that millions will vote for their ideologies.   Which brings me back to my original question:  Are followers of HRC and Sanders stupid or just without reason?