A Hispanic warning about Trump.

My family can prove a direct link to a family that lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1690.  Strange that I would have to start this diary entry with that statement but I have gotten use to “proving” that I belong in the U.S.  It stems from when I was a kid working in the cotton fields of West Texas.

When immigration showed up, my father had to “prove” he was a citizen with a letter he carried that was signed by a municipal judge.  In high school, I had several kids think they were settling arguments with me by yelling: “Why don’t you go back where you came from!”  I quickly learned that telling them my people were in New Mexico 200 years before theirs even thought of getting on a boat was a losing argument, which brings me to Donald Trump.

I don’t know how many illegals are here from South of the border, some say 11 million, some say 30 million.  And, I agree that something must be done to stop the “Reconquista” of the Southwest by Mexico.  A nation cannot endure with open borders, history is littered with nations that have committed cultural and physical suicide by allowing unrestricted access to their country.

My point is not illegals and what to do about them, my point is history also shows us that governments, when addressing a specific problem, tend to crush many that have nothing to do with the problem; government is by nature lazy and will always sweep with a wide broom.

So, “Build a wall”, “Deport them all” “Mexico is sending us rapists” will lead to what if Trump is elected?  Perhaps we can do something about the rapists part but build a wall and deport them all is sheer hyperbole, meant to inflame the listener but will never happen.

For the purpose of this diary entry, let us assume Trump is elected and his ideas become law, now what?

1.  The government rounds up and deports 11-30 million people to the middle of the Sonora Desert.  Once there, the U.S. either lets them starve to death or for humanitarian reasons provides food and water,  if the Mexican government allows it.

2.  The U.S. builds a 1,900 miles wall and puts the army to patrolling it.  Does the U.S. maintain the wall for 10 years? 100 years? Forever?  And, do we ignore the cardboard cities that will spring up on the South side of the wall?

What about the Hispanics like my family that have being here since 1690 or at least several generations?  Do we get special cards to “prove” we are citizens?  Do we change our last name?  Do we not speak Spanish were we might be heard? (Here is something; most Trump supporters I have talked to don’t care because they are not Hispanic—-problem solved.)

The border must be made secure, as it largely was prior to LBJ and Ted Kennedy, with good policies and enforcement.  But voters need to realize that Donald Trumps speaking points are dangerous and founded in fantasy.  Trump supporters are angry, and they should be, but lets not finish off the nation because we failed to elect good leaders in the past.   A simple solution to a complex problem usually ends up making the problem worse than before the government tried to fix it.


(And being a CEO, Trump, does not translate into being a good President.  No more than being a community organizer, war hero, the Governor of a small state, or a former First Lady)

(let the bashing in the comment section begin)

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