Things to think about from your Dutch Uncle. (Hispanic but still)

Since Trump announced, the GOP has been gnashing teeth, rending clothes, and looking for sackcloth to don and ashes to heap on their heads—-all is lost.  Before we self-induce heart attacks on a massive scale within our party,  lets take a real look at the race for President.  Like the proverbial Dutch (Hispanic) uncle, I love the Republican party enough to tell the bare truth and respect the GOP enough to respect its decision when the voters make up their mind;  lets talk.

1. About Donald Trump, he is a force to be dealt with this election cycle. Unless he withdraws on his own, he is now and will remain a power in this Presidential race until November.  And, it doesn’t matter if he is the Republican candidate or runs as an independent, he is and will continue to be a deciding factor—-we must “deal” with the fact that he is here.

No amount of calling Donald Trump a bore, an idiot, a narcissist, a loudmouth or a rude, crude salesman will change the fact that—there he stands.

If you think Trump is the savior of the nation, a true “outsider”, a deal making genius that will make Washington D.C. work, it doesn’t matter is you are right or wrong—-there he stands.

Hoping Trump will be tempered by surrounding him with good Republican advisors is a pipe dream.  The man is a narcissist and truly believes he is the smartest guy in the room and that he can “make such great deals” with anyone. Trying to nail down Trump and define him is a waste of time.  What matters is he is carrying a large percentage of the vote.  Whither that percentage is Republican, Democrat or Independent does not matter, it exists.

Like Perot before him, Trump has enough money and carries a large enough percentage of the vote to run this out to the very end.  The difference between the two men is that, should Trump lose, he still wants something out of it:  he is after all, “the deal maker.”  At a minimum, in my opinion, he wants Secretary of State or Ambassador to the U.N.  both jobs would allow him to be in a position to make “deals” with world leaders.

I don’t know what the GOP can come up with but this I know.  Trump is holding a strong hand and he wrote “The Art of the Deal”, he is waiting to see the “deal” the GOP comes up with—-there he stands.


2.  The GOP needs to realize the Democrats are willing to lose the 2016 Presidential race if they think it will allow them to have eight years starting in 2020.  How do I know this?    Because the Democrats have done it before.

George Bush the 1st:  The Democrats knew they could not win the White House so soon after Reagan but they could bad talk Bush enough in four years to win it in 1992.   They howled with glee at the “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge and set about winning the Presidency on that broken pledge alone.  Results: Clinton for eight years.

George Bush the 2nd:  They could not win in 2004, to soon after 9/11, so they put up Kerry, a candidate half the country already hated allowing Bush to win a 2nd term.  With enough talk about  “Haliburton” etc. and enough coverage of the messiah Obama, they won the White House for the next 8 years.

2016:  The Democrats know the Obama administration has been a train wreck and it is too soon to own his policies.  They know they will probably lose this election, but that is not the prize, the real prize is four years from now.

The Democrats, knowing they might lose, are hoping Trump will be elected and are using their MSM contacts to flood the American airways with a Trump drumbeat.  Should Trump become President, the Democrats are banking on two things:

1.  A Trump Presidency will be a disaster as he spends four years trying to “make deals” and order the rest of the government as if he were a CEO and not President.

2.  The ills of the Obama administration will fade from memory as the MSM concentrates on Trump for four years.  The result in 2020?  The Democrats win the White House and perhaps Congress for the next eight years.

You may think your old uncle is full of it but the Democrats have been “fundamentally transforming America”  for over 100 years.  The Democrats see their efforts in the long term and losing a battle now and then is an acceptable price.   As your Dutch (Hispanic) Uncle speaking truth because he loves you, I can tell you this:

The America of 2016 is nothing like the America of the 1950s in which I grew up.  The Liberal ideology has already “transformed” America and I don’t mean just changes in technology.   Ask yourself this: Do you think the two political parties, in the 1950s, would have put up one candidate that is a dyed in the wool socialist (called a communist in the 50s), another that is under Federal Investigation, and Donald Trump?  The GOP and the loyal opposition would have laughed you out of the room.

Just a few things to think about from your Dutch (Hispanic) uncle.



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