Stop with the hysterics! Four things to keep in mind this election cycle.

While some on our side are saying “this is the end of Trump”,  others are gnashing teeth, rending clothes, and looking for sackcloth to don and ashes to heap upon their heads—-all is lost for the Republican party.  Before we self-induce heart attacks on a massive scale within our party, keep these things in mind:

1.  Many candidates have skipped debates in the past and have suffered no or little ill effects.

2.  Many candidates have won the first few primaries to quickly fade before or during the convention.

3.  If another “savior” in the mold of Obama cannot be found, the Democrats are perfectly willing to lose this election if they think the decade of the 20s will be theirs.  Democrats always think, plan, and build for the long run, Republicans have a tendency to think only of the here and now.  (it took the Dems 55 years to get gay marriage and national health care done, but here we are)

4.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that while we are having palpitations, Trump, like Perot before him is having fun.  How many of us get to be his age, are sought after by T.V. and radio shows that give him a national platform to say anything he wants to say?  With his billions, he gets to scold his opponents, put on the expression of a pissed off grandpa, and bray to his hearts content.   For an old guy like me—I can only dream—excuse me, drifted off there for a second.

How do I know Trump is having fun?  Look at what he says.  He calls his opponents almost every name in the book, insults their intelligence, and dismisses any attempt by the MSM to pin him down on issues.  On many issues, he will say whatever is on his mind at the moment.  Any day now, I expect he will promise to “keep them darn kids off our front lawns!”

In my opinion, the worst day in Trumps life would be if he  woke up and had to go  take the Presidents oath of office.

So take it easy my fellow Republicans.  Our next President will not be a socialist, a well known hack and damaged HRC, nor a blowhard billionaire.  Unless the Democrats bring forth another Obama like messiah, our next President will a Republican.

The Democrats are banking on the country already being so broken, our guy will only serve one term.  By 2020, the ills of this nation will rest on Bush and the current Republican President.  (Obama, they will say,  spent 8 years trying to fix Bush’s failures but just couldn’t get it done.)

As Republicans, we should be worried about is what the Democrats will do with this nation in the 2020s.

(OK, that makes six things.)  My main point is, at this point and time,  stop with the hysterics, enjoy your life, allow the world to keep spinning on its greased grooves.