Trump skips Fox debate: Brilliant move to win the nomination.(not sarcasm)

While many are jumping up and shouting “this will be the end of the Trump campaign” the Donald just made a brilliant move.

The MSM and especially its talking heads have spent years trying to take Fox News down and this gives them an opportunity to pile on.  Trump knows this and by skipping the debates, he is loading their cannons with hours of airtime which will allow them to step up their campaign against Fox News.

Trump knows the best news program on Fox is about half of the news programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC.  He also knows those are the audiences that will carry him to the nomination, not viewers of Fox News.  So, by not appearing on Fox, Trump is playing to the larger number of voters.  Trump does not care if his voters are “conservatives” as long as he gets enough numbers to carry him to the nomination.  (I doubt if a large number of people at a Trump rally are viewers of Fox News anyway.)

Within hours or days, by the Sunday talk shows at the latest, you will see the networks pile onto Fox News and defend Trumps decision not to appear in what they claim would have been a “slanted, right wing, hit job”.  The MSM thinks the Democrat can easily defeat Trump in the General.  So, if the MSM can be instrumental in getting Trump the nomination AND put down Fox News while doing it, they will be beside themselves with joy.  (tingles up the leg all around)

The hatered of Fox News by the MSM will give Trump another 100 million of free air time and the voices calling him a coward will quickly fade.  Trump gets to talk about anything except real issues and the MSM gives Fox a bloody nose——–brilliant!

(Noticed Matthews has already come out and said: “Who wants to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” and in a tweet this morning 1/27/16, Scarborough: “I’d rather set myself on fire’ than do debate with Megyn Kelly”)

Let the Fox bashing begin! (to Trumps benefit)—-again, brilliant move Donald.