Obama & Trump & Zombies: Worry not! Our hero is at hand!

As her best friend turns into a drooling Zombie, the girl in the impossibly tight pants recoils in horror and lets go a scream that echoes and reechoes off the walls in the ill lite room.  As the zombie advances, she knows it was once her dear friend and is paralyzed with indecision, run away? fight? try to reason with it?  Not knowing how to stop the zombie, she again screams, hoping a hero will rush in and save her.

Sounds a little like the GOP establishment and Trump doesn’t it?

We Republicans have spent the last 9 years making fun of the Obama zombies and now that it is our turn, we don’t know what to do.  With Obama, voters heard catch phrases, empty promises and with glazed over eyes, voted twice for Obama. Trump, in my opinion, is also a charismatic, populist that spouts empty promises “I’ll make such great deals”, uses meaningless phrases “Make America Great Again”, and openly insults other candidates using school yard words. Trump has simply taken the Obama game plan to a new, lower level and it is working for him.

In his second autobiography, “The Audacity of Hope,” (itself an empty phrase), Obama wrote: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their views.”  Most Obama supporters, especially in 2008, were chanting things Obama would accomplish as President that he never said, the same is true of Trump.  (read most of the pro Trump comments)

National Review and others are lost for words and are upset at seeing the party of Lincoln, Reagan, and William F. Buckley being represented by Trump zombies. With glazed over eyes, they repeat Trumps words, add in their own things he will accomplish and never bother to look behind the curtain.  It is time for us to support and vote for the candidate that believes in and will act according to this nations founding documents, not the “I will make such great deals” candidate.

The hero in the movie rushes in, just in the nick of time, and saves the girl in the super tight pants whose best friend has turned into a zombie.

Up to now, the GOP establishment has been recoiling in horror and screaming.  Our hero will soon be here; the primaries.   Trump will be soundly defeated, I have great faith in the collective wisdom of the American people.  He may run as an independent but despite the MSM hanging onto his every word, he will not pose a real threat to the GOP.  So stop screaming and recoiling in horror, it is just a movie and Trump is no more a threat to the GOP than a lunging, made up zombie.

(I don’t know why women in horror movies have to wear super tight pants but apparently it is required when she is in danger.)