Want to know the real reason so many of us don't like Trump?

The answer is simple.  For the last nine years, we have seen our loyal opposition reduced to an adoring crowd by a charismatic, populist that speaks in generalities and relied on media fawning to win two elections.  The Democrats have been reduced to such a point that they now feel free to put up one candidate that is under Federal investigation and another that openly proclaims himself a socialist.  Now, if Trump supporters are truly Republican, it is being done to our side and we don’t like it.


We made fun of the “Obama zombies” and now see Trump supporters using the same mindless catch phrases and a willingness to shut down any opposition to their point of view.  Republican voices that try to use reason and logic to put forth the direction this nation should go in are drowned out by the constant Trump drumbeat and Trump supporters refuse to have him criticized.   I have noticed on this and other sites where anyone that criticizes Trump is almost immediately attacked as being a “troll” or as not being intelligent enough to see the greatness of Trump.


Donald Trump speaks to his followers at a 4th grade level (Check out the YouTube video: How Donald Trump Answers a question.  Well worth 6:53 of your time)  And, being the party of William F. Buckley and other great conservative thinkers, most of us find his methods insulting.  The GOP sees our party being manipulated by a slick salesman that has little or no interest in our founding documents, just like the Democrats were manipulated by Obama and again, we don’t like it.


Trump supports (again, I doubt if they are truly Republicans) are having a kneejerk reaction against the last seven years of Obama by supporting what they think is the polar opposite, Trump.  From my viewpoint, there is no difference between how Trump and Obama when running for President.  A few examples of the similarities follow, feel free to add your own.

Both are viewed as “outsiders”.  It is one of the few times in Presidential politics that knowing nothing about the job or government processes is seen as a plus.

Both make grandiose statements about the future of the nation that only they can bring about.

Both make promises that can never be kept. “I will build a wall”, “Keep your doctor”

Both think they are the smartest guy in the room.

Both make fun of those running against them, holding their critics up for ridicule.

Both are narcissistic beyond belief.  Trump even saying he could shot someone and not lose his supporters.  Obama admitting heavy drug use as a teenager and laughing about it.

Both use the same vague, empty terminology: “Hope and Change” “Make America Great Again” “I will make such great deals, you won’t believe it” Statements that sound good but mean nothing.

Neither has any experience in governing. And being a CEO is vastly different from being President, a mistake as CEO cannot start a war.

I could go on but I think my point is made.  Trump and Obama are two sides of the same coin, both populist that will promise anything and deliver almost nothing.

In several documents our founding fathers warned us of such men, we have never listened.  It is true we have elected men such as Obama and Trump in the past and the nation has survived their foolishness.  But, two critical differences this time are that we are almost 20 Trillion dollars in debt and the world stage is fast becoming set for another major conflict.


There is still time to get behind a solid GOP candidate but don’t be surprised if Trump loses the primaries and goes independent, his narcissism will compel him to stay in the race.  After all, who doesn’t want to make America Great Again?

The American voter needs to step back,  take a deep breath, and base their decision on the principles laid out by our founding fathers and not on which candidate promises the most—choose wisely.