This election cycle: Has America lost its mind!

Ask yourself: How is “Make America Great Again” and “Hope and Change” different?  The answer is they are the same, both are empty phrases that signify nothing. Each phrase sticks in the mind and lets the voter have it mean whatever he/she wants it to mean.


Both Obama and Trump know the value of name recognition and know the mob mentality will kick in and sweep large blocks of “low information voters” into their camp.   Wanting to be part of the crowd and hearing the name 24/7 on the MSM, the voter will go into the booth and look for only one name.  In 2008 and 2012 it was Obama, in 2016 the drumbeat is Trump, Trump, Trump.


And by the way, anyone that thinks Hillary will withdraw over the Email scandal is delusional.  Nixon resigned over a third rate break-in because he did not want the office of the President to be dragged through a congressional hearing.  Reagan did not allow anyone into the Oval office unless they were wearing a coat and tie.  Bill Clinton had sex, on, under, and around the Presidents desk, made the nation the laughing stock of the world, had other scandals all over the place and the result is that today, Bill Clinton is called a great President by most of the MSM.  Unless Hillary is in actually handcuffs, her dream of raising her hand to take the oath of office in 2017 remains alive and well.

To recap:  Our choices for President, leading in the polls, is either a person that knowingly broke the law (Hillary) or a man (Trump) that thinks he will win the office because everyone knows his name.


Has America lost its collective mind!   (not to late, support Cruz)