Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Show of hands of anyone sick and tired of the drumbeat.

Every car dealership knows their business lives on name recognition, Trump also knows that is true.  He puts his name on everything he builds because he knows if you want to build an outstanding skyscraper, he wants the first name that pops into your head to be Trump.    Whether the Trump towers or the car you are about to buy are the best, it doesn’t matter, the name is planted in your head and now its just a matter of making the deal, just need to get you in the front door.

Car dealerships will do anything to get your attention and plant their name in your mind, from balloons to weird T.V. commercials.  Trump will also do or say anything to keep himself up front and if saying he has proof the Pope is a space alien, he will say it if it buys him a week in front of the cameras.

Does it work?  Last night The Factor started the show by giving Trump 10 minutes of air time, worth a million or more of nationwide air.  On Monday, Rush mentioned the name Trump 22 times in the space of 10 minutes.  The rest of the MSM, in trying to figure out who or what Trump is, easily spends 50 times the print or airtime than  on all other candidates combined.  In the meantime, Trump enjoys a level of attention we have not seen since 2007 and Obama.  The only difference being that Obama was not asked serious questions and Trump is allowed to deflect questions or criticism.

Come November, voters go into the voting booth and look for the name that jumps out at them.  Most voters do not bother to research, they vote on name recognition.  (Admit it, you know who is running for President but do you really know your county assessor?) And, what will be the name they will be looking for?  Whether as a Republican or an Independent, the name they would have heard a jillion times by November will be Trump.  The sad part is if Trump becomes President, most people will know nothing about him other than his name and a few empty promises.

Trump, Trump, Trump—-come on in and lets make a deal, look how shiny, new, and different this one is—-Trump, Trump, Trump, like a loud, never ending drumbeat that drowns out all others and any chance of having a meaningful conversation.