How, even those who hate him, are keeping Trump #1

Has Trump built the worlds best golf course?  Has he built the best skyscraper? Or  the best casino?  The answer is no, but he puts his name on it:  Trump Towers etc.  Trump knows the value of keeping your name in front of the public. The same is true of the Presidential race.

We laugh at people on T.V. that do not know who the V.P. is but never bother to ask why that happens.  The answer is simple, the MSM talks about Obama and seldom mentions Biden so the name that sticks in peoples head is Obama.  Recently, while on a long trip, my wife and I were talking about how a name can be drilled into someone’s mind to the point where that person excludes all others.  As we drove, we listened to a 3 hour, conservative, radio show and to kill time, she counted the times a candidates name was mentioned .  We did not bother with good or bad, just the number of times.  Trump=280, Cruz=45, Hillary=13, Rubio=6, Sanders=3, other candidates, either party,  total of 4.   With the constant Trump drumbeat, no wonder he has been leading, it is the only name that sticks in peoples mind.

It was Benjamin Franklin that said: “Never pick a fight with people that buy ink by the barrel.”  Even at the founding of this nation, those running for public office knew the power of the media.  In every election, the media has picked their favorite and set about trying to convince the nation that he/she is the best candidate.  It is only with the widespread use of television and especially with 24/7 “news” channels that the media has been able to really use their power to its fullest potential.  A few of the MSM major achievements follow (feel free to aid your own):

JFK, the media created “Camelot” and gave us the perfect American family.  It was 30 years before you dared criticize JFK or his administration.

The media got Nixon to resign over a third rate break-in and helped congress abandon South Vietnam.  The MSM paid no attention to the 2-3 million that were killed in Southeast Asia as a result.

They sold us Jimmy Carter as the most intelligent President we could possibly elect.  If not for skyrocketing gas prices and shortages, Carter would have won a second term.  The MSM has since set about declaring Carter “one of the greatest Presidents in the last 100 years.”

The MSM fought Reagan from day one and tied up his administration with “Iran-Contra”.  No telling what he could have accomplished with a little help from the MSM.

Gave us Bill Clinton as the answer to all the evils of Reagan and Bush the first.  Fought tooth and nail to cover up Clintons ills, only reported his scandals when DNA evidence was presented.  Also set about declaring him a great President.

Fought George W. Bush from day one on everything.  Haliburton!!! “This war is lost!!”  Most people had no idea what Haliburton was but it must be evil if it was mentioned so many times.

Gave us a blank slate named Obama as our savior.  And not just in words, one magazine had him on the cover with a halo around his head.

With 24/7 coverage on multiple outlets, any American that wants to make up their own mind is overwhelmed with the Trump pounding.  In the end, with nonstop coverage of Trump—of course we want him as our candidate, just as we wanted JFK, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.  We don’t know much about him but he must be good, why else would the MSM be spending so much time on him?—–gee—I feel a tingle up my leg—let’s make America great again—-Trump is the only name that will stick out in the primaries.   (sarcasm)