Vietnam 68 1stCav: Vietnam, Iraq: Millions sacrificed on the alter of liberalism.

It does not seem possible that it is almost fifty (50) years since, as a boy of 19, I found myself in the battlefields of Vietnam.  To this day, when an approaching thunderstorm lights up the night sky and the rumble of thunder echoes off the hills, my thoughts fly back to my artillery battery and Vietnam.  But, enough to that, each solider has his memoirs and this diary post is not about memoirs, it is about the ideology of the Democrat party and the destruction it has brought about.

I heard President Obama, in his State of the Union, say that Vietnam should have taught us a lesson about getting into a quagmire.  He also, in fancy phrases, blamed the current middle east troubles on President Bush.  He said these things as if those events had taken place on another planet and he, nor his party, had anything to do with the results.  The truth is that both of the events he was talking about were a direct result of Democrat ideology,  And, the millions that died and will die can be laid at the Democrats feet.

I was just a lowly E-5 in Vietnam but it was obvious the war could have been brought to an end in short order, our forces were in every way superior to the North Vietnamese.  But the use of great power had fallen out of favor in America so Vietnam dragged on; in 68 almost 1,000 American G.I.s per month were being killed in Vietnam.  The Conflict was not brought to a quick end because our political leaders, LBJ in particular, did not have the will to finish it or fight it effectively.

The following can be found in several places, this is from Snopes.com.

“Something all of you should think about is what General Vo Nguyen Giap, the Commander in Chief of the North Vietnamese Army had to say about John Kerry in his 1985 memoir “How We Won The War”. He said that the North Vietnamese were planning a negotiated surrender after the 68 TET offensive. They watched the US news and heard how distorted our press reported it and the war protesters rioting in the streets of America. He said “We were delighted. We went from a planned surrender to a policy of needing to persevere for one more hour, day, week month, eventually the protesters in America would help us to achieve a victory we knew we could not win on the battlefield.” He also said “If it were not for organizations like John Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Hanoi would have surrendered to the US.”

When Nixon came to office, he used the power of our military and brought the war to a negotiated peace with the DMZ serving as the boundary between North and South Vietnam by 1973.  And what did the Democrats do with the established peace?  In 1973, the Democrats demanded the President get their approval before resuming the bombing of  North Vietnam, within months, the North invaded the South.  By 1975, President Ford was begging Congress to help the South Vietnamese, the Democratically controlled congress remained deaf and later that year, North Vietnams tanks rolled into Saigon.  The MSM announced that “We lost the war.”

The Democrats, with the help of the MSM, blamed the war on the soldiers and not on the politicians.  It would be 1985 before I would admit to having served in Vietnam, I did not want to put up with “Baby killer”, “Rapist”, and all the other names John Kerry, the MSM, and Hollywood  had labeled us with.  What about John Kerry?  He gets to be a Senator, marry into millions, Run for President, and is now our Secretary of State.  Who says blaming the soldiers instead of the Democrats taking responsibility doesn’t pay off?

And what were the results of the Democrats turning their back on Vietnam?  No one will ever know for sure, but in the nations that fell when the Democrats abandoned South Vietnam, the estimates killed by the communist range from two to three million—-the Democrats did that.

In Iraq, President Bush should or should not have invaded, that is another argument.  But, by 2008, Iraq had a government and while some fighting was still going on, it was by and large peaceful, people were even voting.  The Democrats pulled all of our troops out and turned their back on Iraq.  We all know what followed as it is still going on—butchery on a grand scale.

The Democrats get to give pretty State of the Union speeches and pat each other on the back for being true to their ideology while the world burns because of their actions.  Millions died in Southeast Asia and perhaps millions will die in the Middle East before this is all over—-yeah—the Democrats did and are doing that.

Let us hope the Democrats ideology does not someday call for millions of Americans to be laid upon their alter of liberalism because I think they will not hesitate.