Keeping guns away from the mentally ill: Aren't we all a little crazy at one time?

I think everyone will agree the government does not do things in proportion to the problem they are trying to solve.  At all levels of government, a few people bring a problem forward and government reacts by throwing a blanket over everyone.

Government overreach struck me when I was watching President Obama talking about gun control in his “town hall” meeting held 1/7/16.  He mentioned, several times, that guns need to be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill.  All well and good but who will be deemed to be mentally ill?  In my life experience, I have found that everyone, at one time or other, could be diagnosed as being mentally ill and if mentally ill, would have their guns taken away until such time as they prove they were no longer ill.

Don’t get on your high horse and say, “Not me, never happen!”  Be honest with the fact that just by being human, thoughts run through your head at certain times that would be considered dangerous or to classify you, at the time, as being mentally ill.  A few examples:

A rape survivor:  Has thoughts of revenge and no longer has the trust in men she did previous to the attack, her self worth may be devastated—-mentally ill.

Going through a divorce:  If the spouse “cheated” on you, thoughts of revenge and perhaps thoughts of suicide, totally disruption of your life, self worth is in the toilet—–mentally ill.

Loss of your parents:  Feelings of being alone in the world.  Confronting childhood memories, wishing they would have done more (or less).  Not wanting to confront the reality of their death.—–mentally ill.

Death of a loved one by accident:  Thoughts of “what if”.  Thoughts of revenge if the death was caused by a drunk driver or carelessness of another—-mentally ill.

Lose of your job: Financial ruin, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of revenge, marital problems, lose of status, feelings of failure, a lot of “what if”—mentally ill.

One statistic the President brought up was suicide by firearm–a sure sign of mental illness.  And what brought on the suicide?—any of the above.

The majority of us never act on these thoughts but that will not keep the government from labeling one of us going through these situations as being “mentally ill” for the purpose of their new found program.

My point is that government tends to not only generalize but is also lazy.  Once unleased, the government will throw a blanket over all of these situations and “for their own good and societies in general” confiscate guns.  The government, being lazy, will go from acting only on a Psychiatrics diagnoses to acting on newspaper stories:  read the obituaries, police reports, divorce filings and take guns away from those affected.

Think it won’t happen?  Hope you are right.  But, keep in mind once a government program is established, the government tends to keep it going.  We still have programs that were established to deal with the dust bowl of the 1930s and Obamacare now  has to be “fixed” instead of repealed.  The President said that no one can argue about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and the bottom line is (pun intended), if you will be honest with yourself, aren’t we all a little mentally ill from time to time?