Ted Cruz must change his name!

(Cruz is Spanish for Cross)

The very thought that America, and just when we are teaching our kids about Islam, should have a President with the name of Cross must have the multicultural people in knots.

Can you imagine the pain and suffering his very name will inflict on non-Christians?  To acknowledge the Cross even exists and someone with that name is the leader of the free world must not be allowed to stand.  But, what to do?  Call him by just his first name?  Call him President Ted? Pronounce his last name as Cruse or Cruise?  Start a petition in the name of diversity, and to ease racial tensions, to have him change his name?

World leaders, especially in the middle east will not call on “The Cross” and his name will cause even more distress and distrust in that part of the world.  We cannot have a “Cross” as the head of our government, that sends the signal that we still consider ourselves a Christian nation!  Any policy he puts forth will be a “Crusade” and he might even start using a red Cross as the symbol for his administration! PC horrors upon horrors should we have Cruz (Cross) as President!

Or, it could be like a neighbors kid who thinks it was OK to cuss in Spanish because no one at home knows what he was saying,  the PC police will never realize Cruz means Cross.  In which case—–never mind.