And Trump just wants to have fun.

It struck me, as I was writing a blistering piece on the ills of Donald Trump, that Trump reminds me of my Grandad who would say and do outrageous things simply because he could.  My Grandad was ninety and he loved to get arguments going just to see if he could get under peoples skin and as he would say: “What can they do about it, I’m an old man.”  Donald Trump is worth 10 billion dollars and what are you going to do about it?

Donald Trump is having fun while the talking heads have spent a year in a fever trying to “discover” who Trump really is.  “What kind of President will he be?” “This is the statement that will end his run.” “He is vulgar.”  “America deserves better.”  In the meantime, Trump has large crowds listening to him and has had more air time than all the other candidates combined.  He has probably gotten 100 million dollars worth of free air time as the MSM talked about his latest “outrage”.  Talk about massaging your ego!

If I were worth 10 Billion dollars and was his age, I would do the same thing–why not?  Trump is leading in the polls, gets to call anyone anything he wants and does not care what the response is or what they say in the MSM.  And, while, most candidates are looking to their futures or to build a legacy. Trump, like Ross Perot before him, is running for President as the ultimate ego trip for an aging Billionaire.  (Perot would not be mentioned outside of Texas had he not run for President and here we are, 25 years later and his name still comes up when the MSM discusses the coming election–ego well stroked.)

With a net worth of 10 Billion dollars, Trump has already built his legacy and to use a saying my father was fond of: His future is behind him.  No one would be more surprised come November if Trump wins the Presidency than Trump.  We rage on while Trump is having the time of his life.

(I won’t be surprised if he puts forth a plan to ship ISIS to a moon base, just to see what the MSM has to say about it—and he will of course, make the middle east pay for it.)