Republicans are gentlemen: Which is why we might lose.

The question the talking heads and it seems, the GOP leadership, keep asking is: Why is Trump so popular?  He is vulgar, loud, often wrong, and makes promises he can’t possibly keep.  But, Trump continues to lead and will be a power to contend with in 2017, even should someone else become our candidate.

As I see it, the Republican party keeps trying to be the party of “gentlemen politicians”, and what has it gotten us since Reagan?  “We did what the people wanted, not a single Republican voted for this bill”—we still got Obamacare.  “Give us the Senate and we will control spending”—over one trillion dollar budget for 2017.  The list goes on and on with the Republican party and many candidates promising they will fix everything and “work across the aisle—just like gentlemen. History has shown us that when Republicans “reach across the aisle”, Nancy and Harry will rip your arm off and beat you to death with the severed limb.

The Democrats ram their nominees and agenda through while, like gentlemen, the Republicans compromise and end up giving the Democrats everything they wanted.   Several Democrats even expressed surprise the “Gentlemen” (my word) Republicans gave them everything they asked for in the 2017 budget.

The Republicans want to run a “clean” campaign while the other side throws everything they can at our side, knowing that some things will stick.  I know someone who voted for Obama because they heard the Republican once tied a dog in a crate to the top of his car.  Another voted Obama because the Republican was a bully at 10 years old.  Stupid? Yes, but they canceled out your vote and mine. So, on a nationwide scale, I wonder how many votes they got by mudslinging?   We lost to Obama, twice, but we can console ourselves in that we did so as the gentlemen party and did not sink to “their” level.

I dislike mudslinging but Republicans need to get a backbone, Bush is almost gone because he wants to be seen as a gentleman politician, an elder statesman if you will.  I am not advocating we “sink” to their level of lies and misdirection but we should not spend the time that we do in answering the charges made against us.  In the case of Romney being a bully when he was a kid–how do you disprove that?   And, why did his campaign spend time trying?

To answer my original question, Trump is in the lead because people hear a candidate fighting back, answering charge with charge.  Trump takes the wind out of their sail by making them answer a charge which is often just as stupid as their charge.   But, to the GOP leadership, Trump is vulgar and such behavior does not belong in a “gentlemen’s” party.  Trump is leading simply because he is as loud as the Dems and the people hear him.

I like Cruz, but should he become our candidate and tires to be a “gentleman politician”, that is, answering every charge and trying to use logic and reason to counter charges made, Hillary’s negative campaign will eat him alive.  In 2017, if he is our candidate, Cruz does not need to mudsling but only answer the charge and move on, not waste time trying to disprove a ridiculous accusation.  All he has to do is keep bringing up Clintons weaknesses, and they are legion.  If Cruz lets the Dems beat him up, he may still win but he will be crippled by the negative publicity and will not be able to accomplish very much as President. (I.E. Bush 2000-2008, spent 8 years trying to reach across the aisle, like a Gentlemen, which set the stage for Obama)

We Republicans can win the White House and change the course America is on but we have to realize we are in a fight and not a “gentleman’s” debate.