Jan 2017: President H.R. Clinton

The reason Clinton may well win the White House is simple, apathy.

Webster’s New World dictionary: Apathy: definition #2. lack of interest; indifference; listlessness

The degree of apathy on display by the American voter is mindboggling and the Democrats are masters at exploiting it to gain votes.     The left knows that with our 24/7 news cycle, any bad publicity has at best a one week life.  All they have to do is be patient and the public will lose interest.  (Example Trump: anyone remember what “outrageous” thing he said two weeks ago? And did it matter?)

Another example, there are several internet sites that post great points about those running for office and our society in general.  And, what is the result?  In most comment sections, there might be several people that post insightful, intelligent opinions but the comment section quickly devolves into personal attacks, is hit by leftist trolls, or goes completely off subject—-apathy.

Americans are apathetic about turning over 1/3 of our government to an unqualified person, Obama 8 years.  Most people will vote based on whatever sound bite is rattling around in their heads on election day, Republican or Democrat.

H.R. Clinton is on track to win the White House because she already has 20% dead dog Democrats (will vote for a dead dog over any Republican).  Another 20% that make up the “cool to have a female president” and special interest groups; to which they promise everything.  All she has to do is let the Republicans punch each other out and then start bombarding the remaining candidate with enough bad press to swing enough votes to carry her into the Presidency.

The words which may well be carved on the Republican parties headstone: The American voter could just not be made to care.

(lets see how many, if any, comments stay on subject)