Need to move on: last words on U.S. gun confiscation.

I wrote a diary about gun confiscation that has a few people upset and received a few phone calls on the subject from friends and family.  Most people echo gun advocate talking points but in general see nothing wrong with the way things stand today in regards to the 2nd Amendment, which means the my main point of my diary was missed by most people. I hope to make it clear that, in my opinion, the 2nd Amendment world we have today was not built yesterday but is the end product of decades of small changes (bricks) from the left made to our society.  A few examples follow.

We are living in an age where a kid is suspended from school for biting a cookie into the “shape” of a gun.  Other kids have drawn guns or worn T-shirts that got them expelled.  In the meantime, it is rare to see a movie or T.V. show where guns are not used to kill dozens of bad guys.  (Ever notice how bad guys can’t hit anything)

As a Grandfather with teenage grandkids, I thought it would be a good thought experiment to travel back a few decades and compare our view of guns back then to the way they are portrayed today. (I grew up in rural Eastern New Mexico, eight miles from the Texas border.)

  1. Elementary school: Leaning against the front door of the school house was a loaded 410 single shot shotgun. During warm weather and five minutes before recess, one of the older kids was assigned to take the shotgun and do a walk around the schoolyard, checking for rattlesnakes. A blast from the 410 would alert us that a dead rattlesnake waited our inspection.
  2. High school: 9 out of 10 vehicles in the parking lot were pickups. Mounted on the back window of almost all of them was a gun rack holding one or two loaded rifles or shotguns—no one locked their vehicles.
  3. At home: In every one of my friends’ homes, including my own, proudly displayed in the living room was a gun rack or gun cabinet holding two or three guns, usually loaded.
  4. We hunted jackrabbits with homemade single shot 22 rifles. (not going to discuss how we built them but it is not difficult)
  5. Street gangs: In a nearby big city (20,000) there were street gangs that fought each other, did drugs, drank, and generally did everything gangs do today. The difference was that using a gun to settle an argument was considered to be a COWARDS weapon. To see who the tougher guy was: #1 Fists, #2 Knives, seldom used, even if you won, you ended up badly hurt.

I could go on but think my point about the left changing Americas attitude about guns, one small social experiment (brick) at a time over a long period has been made.

Todays view of the 2nd Amendment is a dim shadow of the 2nd that I knew as a youth and it continues to change as the left continues building its vision 0f utopia.  Guns were part of our everyday life, just as it was normal for everyone to spend summers working in the fields.  Today, guns are seen as the villain and if not for the easy availability of guns, the person would never have committed the crime. Our youth continue to be taught that guns are evil and there is something odd about people that “cling to their guns and religion”.  Again, I hold that if it takes the left decades to set the brick that will bring about gun confiscation in the U.S., it will happen.

Just a few thoughts from a Grandfather.