Yes, there will be gun confiscation in the U.S.

The day will dawn when, if you bought a gun and went through a background check, you will have to turn in said gun.  Despite the “only from my cold dead fingers” crowd, 99.9% of the population, just like in Australia, will comply.  When that day will be, I can only guess, within 20 years is a pretty good timeline.  I state this because I have come to realize the left, mainly Democrats, never give up the war while Republicans win a battle and think the issue is settled for all time.

Here are a few things that have creep up on Republicans while they slept.

Trillion dollar per year U.S. Budget. (Republicans in fear of “shutting down the government” if they do not give in.)

It took gay marriage over forty (40) years to become a reality, but here we are.

The first time I heard about national healthcare was in the 1960s (LBJ)—its here!

“Green Energy”, in a big way with President Carter in the 1970s, today, billions per year and largely set in everyone’s mind.

Climate Change is also firmly established in government schools as a fact, they just need to come up with a better way to sell what to do about it.

Turn the annual Christ Mass into a buying frenzy.  it has taken 70 years but this year was the least Christ Mass that I can remember as American children celebrated “winter break.”

The list goes on and on and brick by brick, over years and decades, the Democrats have build the government and society we know today.  In the meantime, any changes the Republicans may make, tax cuts for example, are soon repealed as the Democrats keep right on building.  In short, the Democrats have a long term view of American society, Republicans see the here and now.

A major capstone on their fortress of social engineering will be when they start mailing out all the background checks on guns we have been filling out.  One copy will go to the local police, another copy, along with a warning of penalties will come to your house if you do not turn in your that particular gun or explain what happened to it.  Either way, you must report to your local police—you have 30 days to comply.

Brick by brick, day and night they work, after all, it takes time to “fundamentally transform America.”