20 Trillion in debt: Merry Christmas to my children and Grandchildren

I remember the first time I heard a politician stand up in congress and say that passing along our national debt to our children and grandchildren was immoral–I think one of them was Obama.  Well, the years have piled on and our once far way “children and grandchildren” are now 32 and 10 years old.

Use any example you like but I prefer to use the date of your next Colonoscopy.  You know the date is coming, the stuff you drink is terrible, and the bathroom becomes a close friend for the day before.  But, the day will come when you walk into a room where the procedure will be performed.  With luck, they will find nothing wrong but the fear of disaster looms large in your mind and I know many people that have cancelled the procedure because they were overcome with fear—perhaps they wanted their “children and grandchildren” to do the procedure.

Tongue in cheek about the Colonoscopy but aren’t politicians doing the same thing?  They are so caught up with fear of making someone mad they are passing on their fiscal responsibility to their children and grandchildren.  Well, we are fast approaching 20 Trillion dollars in debt, the edge of the cliff is in site and still, all they can do is pass a trillion dollar budget for 2016.

If we continue down this path and it seems like we will.   The day will come when we will have a national Colonoscopy and as in the old German Republic, our children and grandchildren will need a basket full of money to buy a loaf of bread .

Wait a minute!  The politicians never said whose children and grandchildren— whew!  Never mind this diary entry, for a minute there I thought they were talking about mine.