A future historian will write Americas epitaph: (what is yours?)

No nation in the history of the world goes on forever.  Even those that may last 1,000 years eventually become a distant memory.  America has been the “shining city on the hill” for over 200 years and the question becomes: Can we steer it towards a brighter future or will we spend ourselves into oblivion?

According to Hollywood, the 1950s had all of us hanging around the malt shop and having wacky adventures as we explored an innocent life.  And, according to the left, the 1950s had gangs of white men roaming the countryside, oppressing minorities, grabbing all the money, and denying people basic needs such as healthcare and food.   Our government has spent the last 55 years, trillions of dollars, and passed thousands of laws trying to right wrongs or take us back to a time that never existed.

In 1959, a new Ford pickup cost $2,650.  The median American wage was $4,080 per year.  Today, a new Ford pickup cost $30,000 with the median income at $32,000.  So, after all the social engineering, we have lost ground in real buying power.  In 1960, the government spent 29 million per year on “public assistance” programs for those that could not work, today we spend 100s of billions.  Again, losing ground despite the “war on poverty.”  The number of people drawing money from the government, without working in 1959, was measured in single percentages, today it is 40%.

In the meantime, the majority of the American public remains a good, hardworking, people that just want to provide for their family and have a peaceful life.  The “silent majority” is as real today as it was when the phrase was first coined.  But, politicians react to the loudest voices and pass laws to appease a tiny percentage of the population.

We can still turn the American ship around but keep in mind the Democrats are openly running a Socialist for President and the difference between Sanders and Clinton is infinitesimal.  The lesson the Democrats have never learned is that you cannot “warehouse” people for their entire lives and the more you give, the more they will demand.  In short, if we continue to go down the road we have been traveling the last 55 years, the cliff is within sight.

Perhaps Americas epitaph will be:  America tried to create a utopia and in doing so, spent themselves into “The dustbin of history”.