If statements made by Republicans are such good recruiting tools for ISIS, after what Sanders said, millionaires and billionaires should be pouring into the Republican party?

Let me get this straight:

A young man/woman in the Middle East is minding his/her own business, the sky is bright, studies are going well, and the future is full of hope and peace.  One day, they hear that a U.S. politician wants to delay entry of Muslims into the U.S. until they can be properly vetted and WHAM, the young person becomes so angry they join ISIS and starts beheading people.  As they kill, rape and generally destroy the Middle East, the very thought that Trump said something about Muslim immigrants consumes their every waking thought, their anger grows, making them commit even more atrocities.  As they strap explosives to children, they whisper in their ears, “This is to avenge Trump daring to oppose open borders.”

Or, the same person hears about Guantanamo where the prisoners have a chef, gain an average of 20lbs, have their own lawyers, are provided with their own holy book, are allowed to pray six times a day, are not touched least it be considered torture, and have 600 thread sheets.  They hear such things and becomes so outraged they flock to ISIS and devote their lives to war and killing nonbelievers.

The list goes on and on with almost anything a Democrats opponent says about the Middle East being labeled as “An ISIS recruiting tool.”   It makes me wonder if the same Democrats had been alive during WWII, would they have used the same argument about Germany or Japan.  If they had used the “recruiting tool” argument in 1943, they would have been laughed out of the building, as they deserve to be laughed at today.


Democrats are making statements Republicans are using to recruit millionaires and billionaire’s.  Sanders and Hillary want them to “pay their fair share” which, according to Sanders is 90%.  Millionaires and billionaire’s hearing what Sanders said, are flocking to the Republican candidates.  Even now, they are sending in hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican campaigns.  Some have been quoted as saying: “It is the only way to stop the terror should Sanders or Clinton be elected.”

(The truth about the “recruiting tool” argument is that just as I never  paid attention to politicians in my own country, when I went to Viet-Nam, people in the Middle East have never heard of Trump.  But, have you noticed the talking heads taking it and running with it?)