Women in Combat?: Denying human nature

Since the decision was made to allow women in all aspects of combat, I have noticed something odd.  The discussion always seems to revolve about the physical strength difference between men and women, as if that was the only aspect of combat.  You can find many comments, internet posts, newspaper articles, and talking heads discussing the issue.  “A women can not change a tire on a 2 1/2 ton truck”, “How is a woman going to carry a wounded 200lb fellow solider?”  “Women do not have the upper body strength.”  On and on it goes, while ignoring the other 99% of life in a combat zone.

Let us suppose a woman can handle all the physical requirements and leave that argument for another day.   And women have been killing men for hundreds of years–top Russian WWII sniper–a woman. So, lets put all that aside and talk about real army life.

I was in a 155 battery during my year in Viet-Nam. After the infantry secured a landing zone, we were flown in and along with us was flown in a trencher. The trencher would dig two 4″x4’x50′ trenches and those were our “slit trench” latrines. We would put several metal tubes at a 45 degree angle around the LZ and those were our urinals. No cover, no hiding, you squatted down or stood and did your business for all to see.  (You can not build a privacy shed for the women, makes a great target for snipers.)

Once, for two months, we had trouble getting fresh water in due to snipers shooting the bladders the helicopters were flying in. Our medic, in an effort to keep our skin from rotting off due to sweat, dirt, and the smoke from the 155s, had us sunbath nude for an hour each day. We also had to inspect each other and report any skin problems we might find. And the entire gun crew slept in a mosquito filled bunker we dug: 4′ deep, 10’x14′.

I could go on but my point is this: War is dirty, stinking, exposed, and very, very, close. Do you really want your daughter squatting to use the latrine in front of 100 19-22 year old men?   Contrary to all the bragging, most of the guys have never seen a naked woman.

The idea of women in combat may seem noble to some, but in reality, it would be a disaster.  If all that is required is physical strength, no problem, that can be worked around.  But the ideology of the left would put young women in situations such as I described just to make a point.  What that point is, is beyond me, but they do not know the reality of combat and will sacrifice countless young women to their leftist agenda. 

 (Wait a minute–we will pass ” Military Laws” to make the testosterone driven men see the women as just soldiers.  Yeah, that will fix the problem.)  Denying human nature.