I'M offended! The lefts way to change America

(Tongue in cheek, but something to think about over Christmas, holiday, winter break.

Coffee shop conversation in a small West Texas town, late 1980s.

“So, you’re telling me we have to take down the Ten Commandments, Why?”  “A small group of people in L.A. are offended.” “Our population hasn’t changed since the 30s, and none of those people even know where Muleshoe Texas is, so why do we have to take it down?”  “Someone was offended.”  “But, we love our courthouse yard, just the way it is.”  “I know that, but someone was offended and if someone brings a suit against us, you know we don’t have the money to fight.  It’s for the best to just take it down.”  “But we love it.”  “I know, but someone 1,000 miles away was offended.”

The above conversation is fiction but something like it was repeated in small towns all across America.  So, how does a horse eat all the apples off a tree?  One small apple at a time.  The America of today has millions of laws on the books which were put there because a tiny group was “offended” and it is not the America I knew in the 1950s.

We have grown into a silly society these last sixty years and I expect at any time, someone will be offended by purple cows.  A politician seeking reelection will jump on the issue, hold hearings, and appoint a “task force” to look into the problem of purple cows.  The task force will spend billions, laws will be passed against purple cows. Ranchers across America will have to send proof they do not have purple cows, and in the end, those “offended” will have moved on to something else they are “offended” by.

Sounds silly but look at what we are doing to ourselves.  The smelt needs water so California farmers are ruined.  The spotted owl needs trees, even in places where the spotted owl has never lived, and that industry is almost gone.  We “must” clean up the air so “Under my plan, your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket.”  On and on it goes until the day will come when this nation is so tied up in not offending anyone that it ceases to operate.  Our politicians, in trying to please a tiny percentage of “offended” Americans leave the other 319.999 million of us literally out in the cold.  And by the way, don’t dare pray before or after a football game–someone might be “offended.”

I am offended by those that are offended at the drop of a hat—is that sexist? Hope I did not offend anyone.