Electric power: What politicians don't know.

(Disclaimer: I have been in the electric power industry for 45 years)

I find it fascinating to hear those that purpose wind and solar energy do not seem to know what electricity is about.  In their fantasy world, we simply need to make the switch and TA DA–utopia.  The ocean will be perfect, the earth will be green, and the atmosphere will be clean and healthy.  What they fail to see is that the world, as we know it today, and its population, cannot exist in their “green energy” utopia.

Most people know little or nothing about electricity other than you push the handle down on the toaster and it works.  We take it for granted that electrical power runs our world and only the most senior and rural members of our society can recall when candles and kerosene lamps lite the night.

Without getting technical, wind, tidal, or solar energy can never provide the quality, quantity, and dependability of our present grid.  No amount of wishing can change what it takes to deliver the 120/240, 60 cycles per second that powers your house.  At best, there would be rolling blackouts and you would be lucky to have power for eight hours per day.

The cost of “going green” would bankrupt this nation and you still could not provide the amount of electrical energy we demand.  It is time we voters demand our politicians start listening to people in the electrical industry and quit wishing for an energy Utopia,  before their polices start shutting down our present day power plants.  (By the way, no coal fired power plant can meet the new EPA standards, the technology does not exist.)