Trump drops pants in debate with Hillary!

It is an old show business saying that when a person has nothing new to say or do, they drop their pants to get a cheap laugh.   If Donald Trump becomes the Republican presidential nominee, he will quickly reach the point when his outrageous statements will be old and he will “drop his pants”, especially if he finds himself on a stage facing Hillary.


I continue to find it mind-bending that Trump remains the frontrunner in the Republican Party after all these months, but I suppose his outrageous statements provide talking time to the MSM.  We Republicans and independents need to wake up and realize it is the MSM that is making Trump the “only” choice we have in this race as very qualified people continue to drop out.


We need to understand that Trumps statements and the MSM coverage of those statements are the reverse side of the same coin they used to gift us with Obama.   In 2008 there were “tingles up my leg”, photos of Obama with a halo on his head, and when he became President, it was complete with Roman columns as he took the stage by himself as the answer to all we had been waiting for.  This election cycle, Hillary is seldom heard from or talked about while every channel endlessly talks about Trump.


It has been said that if you tell a big lie and tell it often enough, it becomes the truth, this is what the MSM is counting on concerning Trump.  Should the Republican Party be foolish enough to present Trump as our candidate, Hillary will eviscerate him during the debates.  Hillary is keeping low and quiet and by the time of the debates, people would have forgotten her past ills.  After making outrageous statements in the first debate, what choice does a bad performer have then to “drop his pants” in order to keep himself in the spotlight