Terrorist are born, not made.

Ever since Sigmund Freud started his work over one hundred years ago, most people have come to believe that all behavior has a direct cause.  And, if we can only identify the cause, we can stop or alter the behavior.

Since the first attacks against America in the 1970s, we have bent over backwards trying to identify and “cure” the cause of the attacks.  “If only we were not present on the world stage”.  “Why do they hate us?”  “How did they get radicalized?” “What mega program can we put in place to stop this?” As examples of mega programs: “Stop all immigration!”, “Confiscate guns!” “Government control of the internet!”   In truth, none of the talking heads programs will work.  There always has been and always will be wackos in this world that will carry out attacks.

In Northern New Mexico, my home state, there are people that believe in La Reconquista (the reconquest).  They believe a large portion of the U.S. was stolen from Mexico and there was even a gun fight with authorities in the 1970s.

One thing that is needed to stem the tide of people that would do us harm is: Strict vetting of anyone coming into this country.  That includes the southern border which is currently not even a border.  (And no, a wall will not work) Most middle eastern people look Hispanic so there is no telling how many are already in this country, having simply walked in.

We must stop wringing our hands trying to figure out what caused these people to be “radicalized.”  The Sandy Hook killer was a wacko.  The Colorado shooter–wacko.  California shooters—wackos.  A blanket program will not stop such people, only good solid police work that is not “handcuffed” in their work by our PC culture and politicians will identify and stop these people before they can act.

In truth, the wife of the California shooter should never have been allowed into this country.  But, I hold he was a wacko to start with and did not need to be “radicalized” by her or the internet.  Perhaps she aided in preparing for the attack but I believe he would have still acted—wacko!