Guns! What the left really wants.

The following list represents what my “gun control” friends want to happen in the U.S.  Their hope is that if the following is put in place, all gun violence will disappear.  Please feel free to add to this list of what the left wants when they say “gun control”.

1.  Change the constitution to read “a well regulated military or police force” instead of a well regulated militia.  In this way, only the military or police would have guns.

2.  Confiscate all guns and offer a $100 price per gun turned in.  The following exceptions apply:  “With approval by your local police/sheriff department” and after proper registration, you may: a.  Keep a single shot shotgun for home defense or for bird hunting.  b.  Keep a six shot revolver for home defense–not more than twelve rounds allowed.  c.  Keep a hunting rifle, bolt action, with no more than a four round magazine.  Fifteen rounds allowed.  Hunting and target practice rifles are kept at the police/sheriff department and checked out when needed–return date must be specified.

3.  Automatic 5 year prison term for anyone using a gun in a crime.  No appeal.

4.  Selling of guns by private citizens to private citizens will be a federal offense.

5.  Giving a gun as a gift to a relative or friend must be authorized by the local police/sheriff department and only after the one receiving the gun passes a back ground check.

6.  On the death of the gun owner, all “registered” guns are to be turned into the local police/sheriffs department for immediate destruction.

I could keep going but the lefts ideas get really crazy after #6.

Those that would take our guns away know an armed population cannot be controlled.  They also know that a disarmed population is at the whim of every politician and a few rifles.   To those of you sitting on the fence about gun control, I apologize for my poor memory, an old saying fits:  “If you trade your rights for safety, you will soon have neither.”