You do know backing Trump is crazy, don't you?

Here is one thing I do not understand about Presidential races.

Why is getting an “outsider” a better idea than getting a proven politician that has the best interest of America at heart?  If your car needs a tune up, do you take it to someone that know nothing about cars?  If you have a toothache, do you go to a convenience store and ask the clerk to do a filling?  If your roof is leaking, do you call in an electrician?

I hope the answer to all of the above is no.  But, why are we so willing to turn over 1/3 of our government to someone that knows nothing or little about governing? And, how is Trumps “I will build a wall” and “I will deport 11 million” any different from Obamas “Hope and Change”?  These statements are empty rhetoric that mean nothing and are used to enflame voters.

If Trump ends up being our candidate, and if elected, we will have our own version of Obama except that Trump will be far worse.  At least Obama tries to use some sort of tactics to achieve his goals, Trump would use a sledgehammer.  No matter what Trump says, you cannot run the government as you would a corporation, it does not work that way and for those of you that think it can:  There is always “hope” that Trump will “change” Washington.

We need to get off of this “outsider” dream and find a good politician that will get the job done.  Many good people have already dropped out and others might if we continue the pipedream of “The Donald”.

Most people that post here believe the MSM and Poll numbers and state that the only choice will be between Trump or Hillary.  I assure you it is not to late for the Republican party to wake up and get behind a candidate that can win the Presidency.  There are several candidates worth getting behind that are not know nothing “outsiders”, any one of them would make a fine President.

But, if you are a Republican that thinks Washington can only be fixed by an outsider like Trump–next time your water heater quits working—call a flooring company, I am sure as an “outsider”, they will have you in hot water soon enough. (pun)