The terrorist problem


Thanks to the MSM and the 24/7 news cycle, every terrorist attack, anywhere in the world, is made personnel.  Even people in my small town in Georgia are worried and several have told me they are not going to the mall for fear of a terrorist attack.   This is not to diminish the threat and we should take sensible action to prevent future attacks.  Actions our government should take include having a vigorous law enforcement program to vet refugees and tracking of suspected terrorist.  But, we had “commentators” on several news channels telling us to get off the train or bus if we were uncomfortable with another person on the vehicle–Really? Really?   This is nothing short of yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, the resulting stampede will cause more harm than the actual threat.


The U.S. has a population of 320 million, France has a population of 65 million and we are “all” in danger, according to the MSM.  But, you are in more danger of getting struck by lightning and I don’t see the MSM and our government pushing Ferriday cages to keep us safe.  Is there a danger?  Of course there is, there have always been people that would do us harm to achieve their twisted ideology.  But we should not allow a few to stampede us into giving away our freedoms for a sense of safety.


This has always been and remains a dangerous world.  As stated, we should vigorously pursue those that would harm the general population.   But, with the freedom the U.S. represents comes inherent dangers.  Among those dangers are letting people into the country that would do us harm.  But, if we stampede towards a politician’s idea of safety, we will lose much more than anything a terrorist could do to us.


Keep in mind that stampeding a population sells air time and increases the ratings for the MSM and helps get politicians elected.  In short, go about your life and if you see something, say something but you are safer in the U.S. now than at any time in our history.


By the way, I grew up in a time when children practiced getting under our school desk if a nuclear bomb went off nearby.  I still remember children, to include myself, crying in panic.   Don’t be part of a stampede that throws away our way of life for the perceived safety of  Orwell’s 1984 world– We are better than that.