Race relations in America


There is nothing as intolerant as when a liberal gets into a position of power.  The students in several college campuses have tasted the power of getting “the establishment” to do what they want done.  But, appeasing them will never be enough as their demands are like someone saying that the problem is the ocean is to close to the shore.  In other words, race relations in this country cannot be fixed to the student’s satisfaction because how we interact with other races is part of human nature.


White privilege: is there such a thing? Of course there is, the population of the U.S. is 70% white and like has a tendency to hire like.  I am Hispanic and once worked at a Northern New Mexico company where the general population is 90% Hispanic.  Of 120 employees, we had two “white” and three Native American.  The population of Blacks in NM is 1%.  So, did we have “Hispanic privilege”?  But, I was also the first minority to be hired in a company that employed 2,500.  I worked, I fought, I proved myself and today, that same company has over 400 Hispanics at work.  If I had given up and “protested”, that company would probably still be 100% white:  like has a tendency to hire like.


Another quick example. My sister-in-law is what the MSM would call a “white Hispanic”.  Once, when sitting at a restaurant another table with “white” folks that came in after us was waited on first.  My sister-in-law called the manager over and loudly accused the restaurant of discrimination because we were Hispanic.  The manager explained that one of his waiters had just gone home sick and even offered to pay for our meals—not enough.  It is a long story but in the end my sister-in-law vented her anger, felt good about herself and showed the “white” manager that he and his establishment were racist—embarrassing.


In my sixty seven years of life, I can point to hundreds of incidents that if I were of the same mindset as my sister-in-law, I could say I had been discriminated against.  But, this much I know—if I had lived my life as a victim of white discrimination, I would have had a bitter life indeed.  If the pretty white girl did not want to dance with me, is it because she was a raciest but because she simply did not want to dance.  If someone crossed the street when I and several Hispanics were walking towards them, perhaps they were being cautious.  And if the little old lady clutch’s her handbag closer when I get in the elevator perhaps it is no more “raciest” than when I lock my car.


The protest will continue and the liberal college students will be merciless because there is no solution to race relations.  We tired “separate but equal” for many years, we bused kids all over the place and still, there are protests.  Perhaps the solution would be to establish minority only campuses where white people are not allowed.  But if you do that, can we have Hispanic only colleges?


All of these protests are pure nonsense.  As a “minority”, take this advice.  If you feel all are against you, work harder, educate yourself, and do not pay attention to those who would belittle you.  Do those things and you will find your place in this world.  But, if you live your life trying to change human nature, it will never happen and you will live out a bitter and small life.