Obama's Syrian imports

Until it directly affects them, politicians and the MSM do not care if Americans die because of their immigration policies.  They will see thousands of Syrians come into this country and no matter what happens—it was just a few troublemakers and look at how well the others are doing.


Flash back to President Carter and the Cuban boat lift.   Several dozen bilingual police officers, my brother among them, signed a petition asking the justice department not to release the most dangerous of the detainees.   Castro took advantage of Carters invitation and emptied his prisons, sending thousands of criminals to the U.S. as “refugees”.   The police officers petition was ignored and President Carter released the Cubans into the U.S. population.  Carter gave a fine speech, his supporters patted themselves on the back for their good intentions and the Cubans were quickly forgotten.


One month later, in a small Eastern New Mexico town, two women were working at a convenience store on the outskirts of town—I knew them both.  A recently released Cuban “refugee” came into the store and finding the women alone, pulled a gun and demanded money.  The women gave him money and for reasons unknown, the Cuban shot both women in the head.  One of the women was five months pregnant—total money taken–$50.00.  The Cuban was caught and spent the rest of his life at the New Mexico penitentiary, dying of natural causes in 2010.


Did President Carter put forth an apology?  Was a White House representative sent to the funerals?  Did the supporters of the Cuban boat lift start a fund?  The answer is, of course not.  President Carter and his supporters had made their point and what are the lives of a few average citizens when speeches are to be given?


Obama and his supporters are flooding the southern border and remain deaf and blind to the rapes, robber’s, and murders taking place—committed by illegal aliens.  And when 180,000 “Syrian” refugees hit our shores and Americans start dying, Obama will give fine speeches and his supporters will pat themselves on the back.


The dying of Average Americans does not affect the President but I wish there were a way for the President, politicians, and commentators that support bringing Syrians into this country to be made to house a “Syrian” in their own home.  It is only when reality directly affects these people that they will see the foolishness of their decisions, for many American it will be too late.