The post presidency of Obama

Obama’s post presidency

(How to be a billionaire by 65)


President Obama is going into his last year as POTUS and like most 55 year old men, looks forward to how best to capitalize on his life’s experience.  He looks at Al Gore and sees how a second rate politician like Gore has capitalized on his notoriety and has amassed a personal fortune of more than 300 million dollars.   Obama has laid the groundwork for carrying on the global warming hoax and as an ex-president, knows he will be in demand as a speaker on the subject.


President Obama also looks at Bill Clinton and takes note of the 500k speeches and “foundation” work that has made Bill and Hilary multimillionaires.  Surely, as the first black president of the U.S., he will be able to demand equal or higher speaking fees and 10 million a year is not unreasonable.


The third leg of Obamas economic future rests on civil rights.  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of the civil rights leaders are into their seventies and beyond.  The voices of the civil rights movement are growing dim and Obama has never had a problem with talking about the perceived racial injustice in America.   He also notes that most of the civil rights leaders have enjoyed very comfortable lifestyles while preaching the ills of this society.


So, given the three legs of Obamas economic future, I am hereby predicting that ex-President Obama will have a net worth of at least one billion dollars by the time he is 67 years old.  He has carefully studied Al Gore, Bill Clinton and the Al Sharpton’s of this world and knows that with his speaking abilities and having been the only black President in American history, people will gladly pile up the money.


If you think Obama will go quietly into retirement, think again, he will be up front and very vocal in the coming years.  Obama has no problem talking about the “unjust” American system and like Al Gore and Bill Clinton, there is not enough money in the world to silence him.  You can expect Obama to be the lefts spokesman for the next thirty years, or until the money dries up.


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