Someone owes an apology.

Someone owes an apology


If you compare all that is going on in the United States, with what went on in Sodom & Gomora, and if God does not directly punish this country, God owes those two tiny cities a sincere apology.


As an example, let’s look at the abortion issue as recently highlighted by the videos with Planned Parenthood.  The videos were disturbing but after two weeks, the majority of the U.S. population has gone back to sleep.  The attitude of Americans towards abortion reminds me of an old documentary I saw about post WWII Germany.  In Nazi camps, over 9 million people were put to death and yet when asked how they could put up with it, the average German claimed to not know about the existence of the camps.  When ordinary Germans were forced to tour the death camps and see the piles of dead for themselves, people kept saying: “I did not know, I did not know.”


Contrast that with the fact the over fifty-six (56) million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since Roe vs Wade (1973) was passed into law.  And it is only now that we are “shocked” to learn that Planned Parenthood sells the organs of aborted babies (for a donation).  The response from the majority of Americans is to change the channel.  It seems Americans, like the Germans, are very comfortable deluding themselves with: “I did not know.”


Abortion, in the early 1970s, was sold to the American people as a procedure that would be “Safe and rare.”  I remember the articles saying there would probably be no more than 1,000 abortions per year and those would be because of rape, incest or if the mother’s life was in danger.  What abortion has evolved into is an industry with over one (1) million abortions per year.  The proponents of abortion want to extend the “woman’s right to choose” right up until the moment of birth and some politicians have no problem killing the baby if it is born alive.  If we continue down this path, the number of abortions may reach 2 million per year—after all–it is the duty of an industry to grow.


We react in horror at old films showing the Nazi using human skin to make lamp shades and Dr. Mengele experimenting on humans, but how far away are we from such evils?  Abortion yesterday, selling baby parts today, baby skin lampshades anyone?  Our national feet are already on the slippery slope that justifies all manner of evil and ends in horror.  The Nazi camp commanders justified making book sleeves and lampshades from human skin by saying the Jews were dead and they were just using “tissue” instead of wasting it.  Planned Parenthood says the “fetus” is dead and they are just selling “tissue” instead of wasting it.


A couple of ways to look at this are:  There have been more black babies aborted then there are blacks alive today in the U.S.  And, selling organs has become so important over 50% of abortions are performed with the aid of ultrasound in order to help guide the doctor’s instruments in order to preserve useful organs which are then sold.



Keep saying “I didn’t know” America, if that will help you sleep.  The terror that is modern day abortion continues and will someday touch you in person but by then it will be too late to stop the death industry.  Come to think of it, when we Americans are called to answer for the Abortion industry, try “I did not know” in German, it sounds better: Ich Wusste Nicht.

Since 1973, America has been asleep on this issue, just as the Germans were asleep to the Nazi atrocities—someone owes Sodom & Gomora an apology.

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