The Democrats and the strategy of the few

The Democrats and the strategy of the few.

(A Hispanic perspective)


In an ordinary political race, Republicans speak to common sense issues that affect people and offer solutions to address those issues.  As a result, we have more Republican Governors than ever before and Republicans control the U.S. House and Senate.  Democrats lose these races because they speak to bitterness and special interest groups and on a local level, there are not enough of these people to carry an election.  But, in states that have a certain type of voter group, such as California, the public officials are Democrat and will probably always be Democrat.


So, we come back to the question of why do Democrats seem to do so well in some areas and in some national races?  The answer to this question is twofold and simple.  And, it is one Republicans cannot seem to get their heads around.  Republicans speak to the public as a whole while Democrats speak to the public as individual groups and will do or say anything to appease those groups.


The Democrats have built a solid percentage of the voting population by catering to the wants and needs of “special interest” groups. Each special interest group may only be 1% of the Democrat voting total, but they add up.  And, it does not matter how outrages the groups get: “kill the white man”, “sell baby body parts”, “make income equal”, the Democrats will work to stoke those fires and cater to those groups–in order to maintain their voting bloc.


In some elections, the Democrats only need to get another 5-10% of the population to vote for their candidate and they win.  One way they have achieved this is by ignoring a candidates qualifications and making the race into a popularity contest.  I think it is without question that the Democrats, aided by the media, have made the office of President of the United States, 1/3 of our government, into a meaningless popularity contest.


This is nothing new, the Democrats figured this out why back when John F. Kennedy ran for president in the late 1950s.  Nixon, the Republican, was far and away more qualified to be president than Kennedy. But Kennedy was marketed as a “popular” candidate. At the time, the majority of voters could not tell you anything Kennedy had accomplished–but wasn’t his wife beautiful and wasn’t he handsome–such a good speaker.   History records, that as President, Kennedy was whipped by Russia on the international stage and he stumbled into the Viet-Nam war, costing us 56,000 killed and 15 years of warfare.  But today, Kennedy is not remember for any of those things, he is remembered for having a “Camelot” presidency and wasn’t his wife beautiful.  And since he was killed while in office, anyone that criticizes Kennedy is immediately vilified.  The Kennedy myth stands for all time: Camelot, great speeches, and by the way—his wife was beautiful.


The Democrats continue to cater to individual groups and it does not matter if what they are saying comes true or not.  They are perfectly happy telling the special interest groups what they want to hear, as long as the small percentages vote Democrat.



Young single women:  There is a war on women!  You are paid 76 cents of what a man is paid!  Vote Democrat if you want a political party that will fight for you!

Middle age working Americans:  Income inequality! Vote Democrat if you want to see your CEO brought down.

Young poor women: Republicans are trying to do away with women’s health care!  Vote Democrat to keep women’s health care offices open and keep a woman’s choice!

Blacks:  America is a racist country!  Vote Democrat, we will fight to get rid of “white privilege”.

Environmentalist: The Republicans are for dirty water and generating electricity with dirty coal!  Vote Democrat, we are for wind power and “making” industry clean up the environment.

Illegal immigrants:  Come on in! We will assure you citizenship and when you become citizens, vote Democrat!  We are the one that fought to make you citizens and just listen to the hate from the Republicans!  They wanted to build a wall and deport all of you!


The list goes on and on, promising everything to everyone.  Combine all the groups and feed them silly notions such as “isn’t he a great speaker” and “he will be the smartest President we ever had” and TaDa—the Democrats have enough votes and the nation has an unqualified President such as Obama—but doesn’t he look good and doesn’t he give a great speech.  What? His speeches are full of empty promises—does not matter, look how good he looks—I get a tingle up my leg!


There is a saying attributed to Julius Caesar, “Divide and conquer”–The Democrats are masters at dividing people into special interest groups then bundling the groups into a winning force—-the Republicans have yet to learn this lesson.


As long as we allow political races to be turned into popularity contests and allow the media to tell us who is the most popular candidate, we will continue to have unqualified leaders.  Good Republican leaders cannot get traction if their image is not sparkling and they will drop out.  So, what is the future for 1/3 of our government?  How about Kanye West said he will run for President in 2020–doesn’t he look good?  He just needs to practice delivering a good written speech, present himself and his wife well  and TaDa!—I give you President West.

(Just a Hispanic’s perspective)

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