What is Trump really up to?

What is Trump really up to?

(One Hispanics perspective) 

The Democrats are not stupid and what they are doing this election cycle is brilliant.  They are using Donald Trump to control the Republicans conversation and helping assure a Democrat wins the presidency, if not in 2017,  for many years thereafter.  From a Hispanic perspective, this is how it is playing out.

Donald Trump is like the relative that everyone finds annoying at family gatherings.  He rants and raves, generalizing about everything and shouts down anyone that opposes him.  In the end, the family finds it easier to agree with him then trying to change his mind. He dominates the family gathering, spews his nonsense and thinks he has done a great thing because people are listening to him and appear to agree with his ramblings.

Like the annoying relative, Donald Trump is not allowing worthwhile Republican candidates time to put forth worthwhile solutions to the problems the U.S. is facing.  In any debate, speech, or news interview, he sucks the air out of the room with his nonsense and shuts down meaningful conversation.  Two examples are:  I will build a 1,900 mile wall and I will deport 11 million illegal immigrants—–really?  Both of these statements are ridiculous and will never happen, regardless of who is President. What Donald Trump is doing, besides enjoying himself, is assuring the Democrats a large voting bloc in the future.

Hispanics that have bothered to talk to illegal immigrants know that they left everything to come to the U.S.  They cannot return to their country of origin because they do not have homes, jobs, or family in those countries.  If you are willing to take 11 million people and dump them in the middle of the Sonora desert to watch them starve, then Trump’s plan will work.

America is a compassionate country and will someday grant citizenship to the 11+ million illegal immigrants that are already here.  We will do it because we will not deport millions of people into situations where they may be killed or die of starvation.  On the day the 11+ million become citizens, the question becomes: which political party will benefit from such a large group of newly minted citizens? The answer is, they will vote Democrat.  Using scare tactics such as what Trump is saying, the Democrats will have nailed down a voting block that will swing the Presidency in their favor for the next few decades.  Keep in mind that 5 million Republicans staying home gave Obama a second term.

Donald Trump’s “Republican” speeches will be used in many future political campaigns to show that Republicans hate Hispanics.  The Democrats have been successful with such campaigns with the blacks, they are now trying to get soon to be citizen Hispanics in line.

The threat of deportation or a 1,900 mile wall mean nothing to us Hispanics that are already citizens: my family has been here since the re-conquest of Santa Fe in 1694.   Donald Trump’s words only have meaning and will be remembered by a future Democrat voting bloc.

Republicans need to fully understand that the Presidency is 1/3 of our government and that a Donald Trump Presidency would be a disaster of epic proportions.  Trump’s campaign is best summarized by Mark Twains ‘the War-Prayer’.  Twain ends the story with:  “It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no sense in what he said.”  Let not the Republican Party go down the road of empty promises, Ross Perot had his billionaires fun and we ended up with eight years of Bill Clinton, we should not allow another billionaires fun saddle us with Hillary Clinton.

Republicans need to allow good Republican leaders a chance to speak and not fall by the way side because they cannot be heard above Trumps foolishness.  It is time the Republican Party turn to the task of finding a statesman to lead our party.  Just one Hispanics perspective.

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