Mizzou versus Liberty

For the last week the American public has been subjected to the endless coverage of whining brats on the campus of the University of Missouri. Students have been protesting the perceived mishandling of racial grievances by school leadership. A lot of noise has been made about unfair treatment of minorities on campus all while forgetting the fact that they were actually accepted to attend the school. One young man went on a hunger strike to protest white privilege whose father makes millions a year; more than most white men.

The movement grew to the point that several black members of the losing record football team threatened to strike if student protester demands were not met. Ultimately, the university president resigned even though there was not one single shred of evidence produced of the alleged racial injustices. In a day where cameras and social media are everywhere are we to believe that no one took a picture of the poop Nazi or recorded racial slurs?

What has truly been on horrifying display at Mizzou is the culmination of a generation raised in liberal process philosophies and where no accountability or responsibility was expected. There is also no room for criticism or intolerance. Feelings are not allowed to get hurt and society must adjust to the behavior of the alleged aggrieved rather than the individual becoming a valuable member of that society. I am afraid that the culture war is over on most college campuses and the wrong side has won. When the president of a university resigns from an esteemed and lucrative position over the guilt of being born white because a group early twenty-something’s pitched a fit, it is safe to declare the fight over.

Mizzou has shown that all that matters is hurt feelings and football. But, not all is lost. In Lynchburg, VA there resides Liberty University. LU was founded by Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell as a small bible college that has grown into one of the largest private Christian universities in the world. LU was founded on and maintains Christian biblical principles. They have rules and standards more strict than most college campuses and it is place where responsibility is expected and accountability for behavior is administered. There was also a large gathering of students on the LU campus this week. Except those students were going to church and not one whining fit was pitched.

The philosophies of LU and Mizzou are polar opposites. One school holds to many of the same founding principles as America’s forefathers. The other has embraced the cultural and moral relativism of liberalism. Based on the displays of student behavior, which school will produce valuable and productive members of society?