End of an era?

If you watch television (ie. network news, Fox and CNN alike), there is nothing but poison and vile anger towards President Bush, John McCain, and our country.
First President Bush – I still believe he is doing what he thinks is right. As a fiscal conservative I agree that the federal government should have very little intervention into the free markets as Bush has said many times prior to this economic breakdown. However at this point, I think what the Bush administration is putting out there is too far reaching.
Anything greater than bailing out those mortgage writers that were pressured by Barny Frank and the bill approved by the Congress and signed into law by Clinton or loaning the money as we did to Chrysler in the late 1980 will, again, be too far reaching. They have taken the Bill of Rights and made it into a piece of pornography. People that cannot afford to buy a house should not have been able to buy a house. Even I, to be honest, should not have initially been given a loan for my first home, but my wife eventually earned her doctorate – I finished my degree and would now not be considered a risk, but in 1998…I was definitely a risk.

Forgive the digression, receiving a loan is not a Right. But the Congress and the Clinton administration made it a Right for all. As soon as it became law, the public is responsible. If there was no law, I would say let the companies go down in flames with no tax dollars on the line. Conservatives in the house and conservatives on this blog and out in the country need to put our strong disagreement to government intervention to this because the market demands we correct our past wrongs…our meaning our governments. BTW, if this doesn’t give the people of Connecticut with Dodd and the people of Massachusetts cause to vote out Barney Frank they deserve him, but the rest of us don’t deserve this. They should be removed from their leadership positions on the banking committee.

Second, Senator McCain should have left the trail before the debate and fix this problem putting “Country First” – I said as much on Monday because I truly believe he puts our country first. I did not say he should threaten to delay the debate, but he just upped the anty. Politically it will be fine for McCain if he navigates the economic deal properly. The conservative philosophy is safe in McCain’s hands. Unfortunately not all in our party understand that the country comes before politics. The television, print, and online media say this bold move was purely political. I can only find solace in the radio with Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. My opinion, Rush is entertaining sometimes but he can be hypocritical and hypercritical…digressing again.

Finally, and sorry you had to read my thoughts to get to this. I doubt anyone will read all of this, but here is a solution that my wife and I were talking about tonight –

Send all illegals back to wherever they came from (at our expense) saving us on all the healthcare, prison space, and education they are getting from us without putting much into our treasury. People will ask “well who is going to do all the work they do and cheap labor?”. I say, that a problem we have in this country is our pride. My grandfather would do any job instead of taking unemployment. My grandmother would iron other people’s clothes to keep her children clothed. Everyone that is taking unemployment would be looking for work after some point especially if we sink deeper and enter into a recession, or God not willing a depression. The last depression people making $10k in 1929 (good for those days) went on to sell apples for goodness sake. Right now we cannot afford to be a prideful nation. We need to forget the doom and gloom that we hear and we need to take charge of the country that we love so much. We are in for some rough waters ahead because the financial sector (wall st) will eventually affect the economy (main st). Remember, when you get laid off and unemployment reaches 8 to 9 percent and for every job 30 to 50 people will be going for the same job, forget your pride. Put food on the table by taking the job that you once had someone doing for you.

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