McCain should go to Congress

With the first debate on Friday this suggestion may not work because McCain needs the time to really win it on Friday, but I really believe that John McCain should scrap one day of campaigning and head back to Congress to get more than a heads up about these bailouts. I would love for him to go back to Washington so he can take charge of the economic issue gap he reportedly has with women by taking a serious role in its passage or failure with what needs to go in the bill…oversight, transparency and limitations on foreign bailouts. He can come out and say what he said about the surge, “this may be politically damaging for me to leave the campaign trail even for a day, but the country’s economy comes first”While he is not the most popular senator (in a good way) in our party, he would show consistent leadership by gambling the presidency to get this bill correct. His decision to get off the trail would have to be covered by every outlet as bold, smart and the right thing to do for our economic future.

Obama is so selfish he would never dream of doing this – even if he did want to do this, his advisors would never let him. Obama is such a blue pawn it drives me crazy that only half the population of America seem to see this. McCain getting off the trail for a day keeps the theme of Country First.

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