Reflections on a bad week

Even though I got what John was saying when he said the fundamentals of the economy are strong – the people that don’t have his vote didn’t get it and won’t. The message was a positive one, but while I personally rarely fear anything – I fear that John’s intention of keeping the focus on staying positive for the good of the country is just not the right way to go right now. We have seen that Obama and his media will pounce on any of our guy’s deferential treatment to the president or this economy. People for the most part have written 43 off. I’m not saying that John needs to rail against Bush, but any positive nod to this economy (as the number one issue of the campaign) or Bush will not pull in any new voters to McCain’s camp.

What is really bothering me right now though is the petty back and forth. John comes out on something and Barack Hussein Obama comes right back. That is where we shined during the Democrats convention in Denver. Every day a new ad was getting prime news time. Staying on message and not getting into lipstick on a pig garbage. That was a stretch. I see the camp’s ancillaries out there when asked about negative ads and lobbyists, saying “well Obama has them too.” That is NO WAY to come back. We first should not have gone for the lipstick thing. Whoever came up with that should be fired (if you want to fire Cox, fire that person first). Stay focused on Obama’s lack of experience. Hammer the airwaves of his voting to give no medical care to the botched abortion children. Hammer him on the 130 times voting present. A president has to take a stand, has to lead, has to have a vision for a better tomorrow with a clear voice – not vote present. Stick to his bad judgement. Don’t try to blame him for this bad economy. Take responsibility for the 2005/2006 attempt to put a noose around the mortgage crisis then ask where the senior senator from Delaware was on this issue. After all, he’s been in Washington longer than John McCain. Lastly on the advice thing…repeat over and over – “I am not a warmonger. I lived through war and to quote Sherman ‘War is Hell.’ I will not send anymore of our men and women into conflict than is absolutely necessary to bring an end to this nation’s war on terrorism”

Finally, I am so very burnt out on CNN and MSNBC. I seeth in my house when I watch them. Larry King unbiased (ie. During the Democratic convention he scolds the Republicans during the after convention rebuttal hour – then says “if you think I’m hard on you tune into the Democrats rebuttle next week” then in never came. He listened to them and actually added more negative things when the talking points of the jackass party wasn’t fully covered by the surrogates). CNN last night in their “Truth Squad” or should I say “truth squat” gave McCain’s economic plan (gave it fair play I’d say) then said stay tuned after the commercial break for Obama’s economic plan dissected – which never came…or at least after looking for it for another two hours after they said they would be dissecting it. This leads me to believe as a viewer that Barack Hussein Obama either doesn’t have a plan or they didn’t want to get the Truth Squad on Hussein Obama. Everytime I watch I want to see Fair and Balanced reporting. I’m disgusted with those women – if you can call them that – on “The View.” Their behavior was absolutely embarrasing and disgusting. I don’t mind liberals, but try to be graceful or at least polite. Whenever I debate the people in New York where I live, no matter how mean and nasty they get about Republicans, I always am polite. Maybe the women on that show weren’t raised with the same manners I was, but it is just plan good manners not to call a Senator, a Veteran, and a presidential candidate a liar or ask him if he wants to turn Woopi into a slave. That is just obscene.

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