This is OUR put up or shut up time

Many of us here at Restate have been involved in this battle for a long time. Even before Redstate was created by a few courageous, brilliant individuals. We have been able to understand that we have a common goal due to their efforts.
We have hidden behind our keyboards knowing we when the time calls, we will “be there”. Well, that time has arrived. OUR time has arrived.

I have been reading a book SERIOUS TIMES FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE, (I just got a new IPAD and have not spent the time to learn all the commands for italics, etc,). I came across the most amazing quote by Peter Helm:

“the whole of a person’s life is fundamentally serious, something for which he is responsible to God, and for which he will have an account. He is individually responsible tonGod or what he “makes” of it.

If you read it, and felt a nudge, follow that nudge.

If we constantly come to Redstate, we are not here to be “readers of blogs”, “occasional blog posters,” etc., or we would never come back.

Senator Ryan has laid down a phenomenal plan to save the nation.

As passionate conservatives this is our time. It will not come again in our time. We need to take risks we never would as individuals – engage politically our gay friends, our hispanic neighbors, our african-american friends. We HAVE to converse with them on the realities we are facing.

Let us learn to do this in a manner that is patient and persuasive.