I would like to post a challenge

I am not sure if this is the right format for this. I am posting this knowing many of us have been mentored by Coldwarrior and I hope my post is in the same context.

We had our first county precinct meeting for the year this week. Interestingly, several of my precinct leaders expresses strong interest in striving to be delegates to the National convention. They already saw themselves as delegates to the state convention even though they have not been through the process.

Here are my thoughts on creating some type of challenge…

If I remember correctly, the Republican convention in St. Paul, MN was overtaken outside the convention by leftwing radicals. Let us not have that happen again.


Just like they do…

Before we commit to a location, we need to plan numerous events for those of us that cannot be voting delegates, but still would like the opportunity to be a part of the convention. We could have many sessions where voters are educated on different …(never mind…you know where I am coming from).

Without having been there, I have no doubt this is already probably happening. I am talking about it on a much.
bigger scale. Redstater’s are from every state, and active and influential. I do not believe I am in an area different from each of you.
Can we not come together and create an amazing opportunity for our volunteers?

OK…call me nuts…

But what do you think?