Something interesting happened in our family today.

I wanted to share it with you.

I have a 32 year old stepdaughter, a 34 year old son-in-law, and a 28 year old stepson.  They all just met at their polling place to vote this afternoon.  What makes this so interesting, is the fact that none of them have ever voted before.  Two of them are not even registered.  Luckily, we can register at the voting place during early voting.

I have not discussed politics with them.  They know how active I am.  I know if they want any information from me, they know where to find me.  And they did.

They went to vote because they are angry at what this administration is doing to their futures and that of their children.  They are scared they will not have the opportunities their father and I have had.

When my son came back, he said there was a Mexican next to him that was also registering to vote for the first time.  This gentleman had a Republican voter guide in his hand.

I do not believe these four people are any different from citizens all across the country.  If I am correct, all of the professional pollsters are going to be way off.  As someone already stated, this is going to be a tsunami of mega proportion.