Six months to a year from now will be determined by who you are TODAY!!

We are under thirty days to election….. what news did you tune into today….Radio, TV, Newspaper, various websites…….you are “the factor” that determines how those headlines will read.   Mark your calendar – six months, one year….whatever you are seeing/doing today will determine what you read, see, blog six months to a year from now.

Who are you?..

– YOU cannot even comprehend putting a sign in your yard, much less making a phone call?? That must be for those “activiists.

-YOU have been active before – attended meetings, worked at the polls, but your life is busy and you cannot even spare an hour because of your obligations.

– YOU are angry about the party.  You really don’t see that we all are angry at the party,  but you are who you are and someone has to come forth to change your mind, but your know you are right.  You cannot spare an hour to change things becasuse they are all out for themselves, and there is no difference between the parties.

-YOU are tired..  You have attended events, made calls, organized votersante, and you are tired.  Time for others to do their work.

– YOU  cannot be active because they will come after you. 

– YOU are afraid you might get fired as a result. 

Who are you going to be six months from now if you don’t spend an hour today influencing your future government??  You are going to listen to the same news/TV /radio and read the same blogs.  You are the one that will determine what you listen today. 

Call your local county GOP party.  They need YOU!!!