Brittany Murphy a great example

Does anyone care her 911call was relaesed…..nope.

Did anyone care when auto dealerships were closed for no reason….  nope.

This is why we are losing…

The majority of us would rather “blog and email” than spend the money and risk putting our face on camera…. 

You know what, I am just as frightened, until I atteneded 9/12.   I am experienced a wonderful, fabulous, god-loving, assembly of people.  Polite, patient, caring for each other and their government.

When they closed auto dealerships we should have “put up a fight”.   Most of us were in shock and could not believe it happened, but it was a defining point.   They took over “contracts and propery rights  These poor busineessowners had to “rights”, and we let the government get away with it.  And these independent businessowners that employed hundreds and hundreds of people had no say. 

We are at fault for that.

We should have stopped it right there.

Most of you will think I have a friend  or family member in the auto business.  I do not.  My family members are farmers….

But I know we gave up so many rights when we gave the government the right to negate private contracts, it is frightening.  We rolled over, and did not react.  It will cost us in a very big way.