Give me an idea that will work

It is time for us to bring our ideas to the table.    From what I see the Republicans are clearly “out of touch” from the “real world”.  Please explain how they are going to “meld” state by state coverage requirements with the insurace company rating abitlity.  It is nuts.

The only way to make this work is the “same old insurance risk” factor.  You cannot  ask anyone, even government, to insure an unknown. 

Hospitals, Drs., and insurance companies have been asked to do this for years.   For every woman giving birth, ten uninsured women are giving birth….where do you think the expense for the other ten women is paid for??

It was in the early 90’s I quit selling individual health insurance.  There was such an obvious change in the way clients looked at the risk they were taking not having insurance.  They knew that they would be covered if they went to the emergency room. In their minds they did not have to pay for “the risk”.  It is such a shame.  As a result, we have employees that are “new hires” that have insurance, but they still utilize the emergency room as their primary care physician.

This is where Republicans have to understand we are dealing with individuals that are unable to deal with the issues of primary care in our society.  They have not been taught any other way.  We must make this simple and safe for them….  

I believe we can do this….but we must focus on our strengths, not their weaknesses.