War on poverty?

Barack Obama who lives in an upper middle class suburb in Chicago and has a brother who lives in a hut in Kenya? This boggles my mind.

I understand that families can be complex and that they share a birth father but very different lives in different countries.. The article I read said he lives on about a dollar a month. He lives in a hut and wants to learn a trade. The bigger question is how much it would cost to help a young man in Kenya get on his feet? Personally, if I had a sibling that was in need and I was in a financial position to send him a monthly small check I would do it. $50.00 a month would go a very long way to improve this young mans life in Kenya. A bit more would give him the opportunity to learn a trade, have a safe home and food/water. How hard would it be to help him out? It’s not that Obama owes his younger brother ~ he does not. I understand it his father has several children with several women. This is nothing Obama could control, we are only in control of ourselves. I am not suggestion he support all his siblings in an extravagant way what I’m talking about is basic needs.

Christian are thought to help the less fortunate and care for the widows and orphans. Obama clams to be a Christian. Jesus urged his followers to care for one another. Wouldn’t you think that would include your younger brother?

How does a person say he wants to care for those living in poverty to make the world a better place let his brother live without having his basic needs meet? Can a man with little regard for his brother’s welfare be an effective leader of a country? This puzzles me.