I challenge democrat Pelosi!

Sept. 28, 2008 Pelosi’ Progress Report Before the Vote

Pelosi made herself look bad.

Pelosi, making herself look bad, offered many sound bits attacking Bush and the Administration for the economic mess our country is in. She stated: “The party is over” for Wall Street Execs and CEO’s. Gave misleading kudos to the democrats for tossing the pork out of the Bill; and wrongfully insinuating that democrats were on the side of the tax payers. How Insulting!

I ask this -Why did Pelosi, earlier in the week, demand that republicans vote on the bill, knowing the republicans vote wouldn’t matter anyway? Democrats have majority vote.

My answer -If the “buy In” turns out bad, she can blame the republicans! She wants all the credit and wants to point her finger. Pelosi didn’t want the democrats left holding the bag with the hole in it.

It appears that congress is acting exactly as Wall Street does. Pelosi wanted to extend the timeline of the vote to see if the democrats could wheel and deal on Capital Hill and get more votes for the passage of the bill. She has the audacity to say the things she said Sept. 28, 2008, whine, and say today the democrats did their part. She rolled the dice and tried to show her power by telling the republicans she would not put the bill on the floor unless a large amount of republicans voted for it. (trying the strong arm approach. She’s a bully with no muscles to back it up.

Kudos to the person who knows Robert Rules of Order and placed a motion on the floor to suspend the time extension!

PELOSI, THE PARTY IS OVER! Stop acting like wall street with our votes and your undeserving power.

How dare you try to wheel and deal on a vote! You can’t even answer for yourself to the reporters asking why you behaved in such a way prior to the vote. You have NO BRAINS in your uh, uh, uh, um, um, HEAD! And you are third in line to run the White House should our President and VP die! What a disgrace!!!

Sept. 29, 2008 – Pelosi’ Remarks After the bill failed.

PELOSI: “Today when the legislation came to the floor, uh, the democratic side more than lived up to its side of the bargain. By the legislation they have failed, the crisis is still with us. Uh and some of the issues that we worked with the republicans to improve the initial legislation related to oversight and protecting the tax pay as we stabilize the market. It was a bad ownership in equity uh of some of their uh uh uh of the inves… in return for some of the investments that we made it debt forbearance for home owners so they could stay in their home, it was about corporate pay, and how that had no more golden parachutes and it was also about again uh oversight, oversight, oversight, um, I think these were major improvements to the bill and as I say they were bipartisan. Again the administration impressed upon us the seriousness of this crisis in terms of the markets. We know how serious it is in terms of the middle class and our country whether it’s a uh question of credit for small businesses, for home owners, uh for say uh uh protecting savings for people, for their erer pensions, for their retirement, uh for the education of their children. Uh there’s keeping the corner store open to service the needs of the people in the neighborhood. Americas communities have been feeling the down turn in the economy for a very long time. Uh emm so in any event from where we go from here, is that we still have those concerns about everyday Americans, about the concerns of the middle class, and how they might be effected uh but what is happening the crisis on Wall Street. We want to insolate them from that, we want to protect them from that, and uh and the lines of communication remain open. I just spoke with Secy Paulson, I said Mr. Secy. We delivered on our side of the bargain; you impressed our members; and the president impressed the members about the gravity of the situation. An action was necessary to stabilize the markets and to protect the tax payer. Clearly, that message was not, had not, been received yet – by the republican caucus, but, again, we extend a hand of cooperation to the white house, to the republicans uh so that we can get this issue resolved for the benefit of Americas working families uh to strengthen our economy, and therefore strengthen our country. Uh we worked together as a team in a bipartisan way. An I Uh uh I wanted to acknowledge uh that thet the the uh especially the work of our Chairmen Barney Frank, uh tha he has uh great knowledge of these subjects, a great intellect to deal with the challenges and uh uh uh I think never have both that intellect and this, and uh that knowledge uh never been more helpful to the American people. He was uh uh also uh Rom Emanuel who’s been in and out of politics and spent time in the markets was a tremendous, tremendous uh uh assist to us in the negotiations so that we could find our common ground so I want to solute them in particular our our our chair, our um major leader Mr. Hoyer and our distinguished whip uh deserved a great deal of credit for their part in all of these proceedings including getting 60% of the house democrats to support a bill, which which isn’t our bill. This is the prea, the uh the presidents proposal acted upon in bipartisan way, improved upon in that manner, uh but evidentially not voted upon that way. So, again, the issue, the legislation has failed, the chall, the crisis has not gone away. Uh we must work in a bipartisan way in order to have uh uh another bite at the apple in terms of some legislation with that I am pleased to yield to our distinguished majority leader Mr. Hoyer.”