Sonny was a Democrat until 1998, and look at the damage he has created to property rights, and protecting Barnes' confiscate your weapon law signed in 2002!

If anyone thinks there is a difference between Karen Handel, Eric Johnson, Ox, Nathan Deal or any of the other commonly mentioned poll leaders, then that person does not get what is happening, any more than why Bush signed the NRA/Dems backed law in 2008 that punishes veterans for seeking mental health check ups through the VA by removing their 2nd. rights, neve practical to ever restore because of the unbalanced procedures.

The better approach was put forth by GOA, and mental health groups, but was defeated, similar to how SB 86, the better eminent domian ad. was gutted by Sonny, then HR 1306 was created to turn your property rights into privileges fraud was voted in under the deguise of protecting individual rights, while doing the opposite, and creating developer’s rights. Ask Jeff Chapman for some background on this thievery of our rights.

Also explain why Sonny once again protects Barnes’ law signed in 2002, SB 285, that allows for weapon confiscation at roadblocks during declared emergencies for his 8th time protecting that power?